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This guide provides an overview for The Pulsera Project’s educational content, which is free to all schools hosting pulsera sales. All of the materials are available at


All Spanish materials are based on the project’s four educational values - solidarity, humility, new understandings of poverty, and self-awareness. We now offer teaching badges based on our values, and encourage any interested teacher to apply!


Not sure where to start? Check out the Perfect Pulsera Week, which breaks down the best way to present the project by proficiency. Packets are all in Spanish, but some English versions are available on the Spanish Materials page.

New for 2023 - 2024:

Perfect Pulsera Week

Color The World

Our newest video highlights the philosophy, mission, values, and goals of the Pulsera Project. A perfect introduction for new students. Use our open-ended or guided Jamboards, do a jigsaw group project, and explore economic opportunities and cultural comparisons in these extensive activities.

Puentes "Raíces" Reader

Learn about Pulsera Project artisan Hector in this short novice reader in collaboration with Puentes. Available as a physical reader or as a free digital PDF. For the digital version just send us an email and we'll be happy to apss it along to you. 

Creating Opportunity

Learn about how different models for creating opportunity work, including one-for-one models like TOMS.

Happiness & Poverty

Use The Happy Planet Index to rethink the relationship between happiness and poverty.

Underemployment Pear Deck

Explore unemployment and underemployment and what they mean in daily life. Pair this no-prep lesson with our the Color the World video. The free Pear Deck add-on for Google Slides will automatically open key resources for students, allow them to share their responses, and let teachers share student comments live!  Lesson can be "teacher-paced" (guided in class by the teacher), or "student-paced" (assigned for homework or left as a sub plan)!

Professional Development Unit

We now offer a Professional Development Unit through EdPuzzle that will guide you through how to best incorporate all of our materials into your classroom.

Video Chats

Schools can now schedule video talks with Social Impact Coordinator Jorge Morales or with co-founders Chris Howell & Colin Crane.

Bellringers & Brain Breaks

Get your class started with these quick, 5-minute activities to get students thinking. Put one slide on the screen at the start of class and have students jot down their responses in a journal or let students discuss in pairs.

Day in the Life of
a Nicaraguan Student

Google Earth

Explore the world of The Pulsera Project through this expanding resource.

The Value of a Pulsera

Dive into the economic and human value of a pulsera in this intermediate activity.

Activities For All Proficiencies:

"Protege Las Pulseras" Escape Rooms

Introduce your students to The Pulsera Project’s mission using our engaging in-person escape room game, or use our digital escape room in your classes! Students will learn about Central America, the project’s main components, and touch on key language standards as they try to get pulseras released from customs within 40 minutes. Teachers are invited to buy their own supplies or request a kit for the in-person activity to be shipped with their pulsera box. Game is adaptable to both Spanish and English. An answer key is avialable for the digital escape room.

Video overview of in-person escape room

Las Pulseras Que Hace Mama

Students explore family dynamics and learn more about Nicaraguan families in this fun, musical animated video based on a real Nicaraguan family.

For elementary students: This simple worksheet includes animal sounds and basic vocabulary, and accompanies the short animated video “Las Pulseras Que Hace Mama"

Michele Y La Escuela

Compare US and Nicaraguan schools in this short animated video featuring project partner La Hermandad.

Los Artistas del Proyecto Pulsera

Artist interviews and more! Have your students get to know the artists that make pulseras using our interactive website, with video, audio and text interviews, maps, and more of over 100 former project artists.

Immigration: A View From Guatemala

Look at immigration from the perspective of some of the communities the project works with in Guatemala. This deep dive looks at immigration from a number of perspectives and is full of optional extension activities.

Indigenous Identity in Guatemala

Learn about the indigenous cultures of Guatemala. This introduction is just the first in a series of new units about indigenous issues in Central America.

A Day in the Life

This video follows a day in the life of a typical Nicaraguan high schooler and her family, highlighting the importance of education and the day-to-day reality of many Nicaraguans. Students compare their daily schedules and socioeconomic realities to Darling and her family in this engaging packet.

Poverty & Solutions

This powerpoint and lesson explains in detail the economic realities in Nicaragua, and looks at the social issues the project is trying to address in Central America.

Haciendo Pulseras

Learn about how different styles of pulseras are made in this video series featuring actual project artists as they weave these amazing works of art.

Housing Project

Challenge stereotypes about houses, and show your students how & where many Nicaraguans live. This activity and powerpoint shows many of the houses built through the Pulsera Project’s housing program and takes students step-by-step through the process of building a home in Nicaragua.

Aid vs. Development

Despite over a century of effort, poverty alleviation efforts haven’t eliminated extreme poverty. Students will learn about the differences between aid and development, and how these different approaches function in the world through a simulation, reading and discussion.

From Overconsumption to Simple Living

Students will learn about overconsumption and examine their own consumer habits in the context of its effects it has in developing countries like Nicaragua and Guatemala.

La Isla Activity

Students look at the situation faced by Nicaraguan sugarcane workers more and explore the importance of workers rights in this short interpretive activity after watching this related video.

Weather & Culture

Students learn about how climate and weather affect culture in Nicaragua.

Asi Soy

Follow don Orlando, a dairy farmer in northern Nicaragua, as he goes about his daily work and explains the importance of preserving community and nature.

Novice Activities:

Las Pulseras Que Hace Mama

This short animated video explains the project’s core values in a way that students of all levels can understand, including a fun song at the end!

Handshake Pulsera Coloring Page

Students have a chance to create their own pulseras. This activity provides some discussion opportunities for students with limited Spanish communication skills.

Nicaragua Fact Sheet & Crossword Puzzle

A great introduction to some basic facts about the country where we do much of our work!

Marcos Va Al Mercado

Project artist Marcos Cajina takes students on a tour of the Granada market, with lots of insight into Nicaraguan food and culture.

Yelman y su Pollos

Learn about an artist’s small business venture to raise chickens.

Horario Escolar

Have your students compare their schedules to a typical Nicaraguan student.

Dónda Está La Pulsera?

Practice prepositions with this simple game.

Advanced Activities:

Juan Carlos Life Story

Learn about the life of Juan Carlos Mayorga, the project’s Nicaraguan director from 2011-2015. Following his life from his time living as a street kid through his journey into the project. Note - this story contains heavy themes.

Advanced Immigration PBL

Look at immigration into the U.S. from a number of perspectives in this wide-ranging unit on the issues and challenges immigrants confront.

Comercio Justo

Investigate the history of fair trade and its implications for the world.

Investigate the history of fair trade and its implications for the world.

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