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It is 100% free to lead a pulsera sale and there is no requirement to sell a certain amount of bracelets--we'll send everything you need once you have your plan put together, and anything you don't sell can simply be sent back to us at the end of your sale with a pre-paid UPS label.

1.) Receive Permission For Your Pulsera Sale

This usually means meeting with your administrator or club advisor to explain what the Pulsera Project is and why you want to host a pulsera event. The more information you can give your administration about the Pulsera Project and your sale plan, the more likely you are to be approved. There is a wealth of information on our website that explains our history, mission, and programs -- knowing those details will give you a leg up when seeking approval for your sale.

Since 2009 we’ve worked with over 3,600 schools in all 50 states and no school has ever been denied permission to host a Pulsera Project sale, in large part because the Pulsera Project is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.



2.) A Clear Plan: Dates, Locations, Volunteers

One of the best things about the Pulsera Project is using your creativity to come up with a plan that’s specifically suited to your school. Who is going to run the pulsera booth? Where is the best place for students to learn about the project and buy pulseras? Are there any events coming up that a lot of people will attend?


Most pulsera sales tend to take place during lunch periods for at least several days in a row. Many schools will also set up in their main lobby before or after school, and others organize a way to sell pulseras classroom-to-classroom.

Wherever you decide on, it’s usually a great idea to host sales as regularly as possible. Special events can be a great addition to your pulsera sale plan, but we’ve found that selling in one location day-to-day will give you the highest chance of a great turnout.


Maybe most important of all is getting a great team together— usually the more people involved, the better! Pulsera sales can get super busy, so make sure you have a detailed plan for staffing the tables, collecting money, and safeguarding the funds you’ve raised. Most schools benefit from using a sign-up sheet to keep track of volunteers and their 1-2 hour time slots. Schools have had a lot of success by creating different student-led teams to take ownership of different parts of the sale -- a marketing team, a sales team, an accounting team, and more.  


Some teachers let students ‘check out’ pulseras with a goal to sell a certain amount to friends and family. If you decide to do this, make sure there is a clear deadline for returning the pulseras & money and make sure that each student knows they are responsible for these incredible works of art.


We can guarantee that the more time you spend planning your sale, the more fun & successful it will be!

3.) Sign Up For Your Sale

Once you have your pulsera sale plan put together, you can reserve a two-week time slot for your pulsera sale using the form at the end of this guide. The earlier you sign up, the better!


We need at least two weeks notice before your pulsera sale begins. We’ll always do our best to make sure your sale materials arrive about a week before the actual pulsera event starts so that you have plenty of time to get organized. In total you'll have the materials for about three weeks. 

4.) Promote Your Pulsera Sale

One of the most important elements of a successful pulsera sale is making sure people know when and where it’s happening, and why they should support it.


Check out our promote page where you can set up a Facebook event, print out posters, find videos to show your school, and even create a customized press release. You are more than welcome to use any photos, videos, or other media from our website in creating your own pulsera advertisements.


The most successful marketing strategy we know of is having a pre-sale with your class or club in the week before your sale starts. This can build a huge amount of hype and anticipation as other students begin to notice the pulseras and ask when they'll be able to get their own. This is a great stretch of time to harness the power of your social media accounts to show off pictures of the pulseras and to let people know when the sale will take place.


We also highly recommend showing our “Color the World” or “What is the Pulsera Project?” videos to as many people in your school as possible. We also have a shorter one-minute version that is great for morning announcements. 

We have seen some amazing marketing ideas carried out in the past, from anonymous "pulsera-gram" Valentines gifts, to cryptic poster campaigns, to hilarious morning announcement promos, school-wide assemblies, and many more. Collaborate with your entire class or club to come up with a unique strategy and we promise this will be one of the most fun parts of your experience with the Pulsera Project.

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