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Does it cost anything to be involved with the Pulsera Project?


Being involved with the Pulsera Project is completely free! We send you everything you need to lead the project at no cost, and any pulseras that you don't sell can simply be sent back to us at the end of your sale. We even provide a pre-paid return shipping label!


How long can I keep the Pulsera Project materials?


When you sign up for a pulsera sale, you'll choose a two-week block from our list of available dates, which run from Monday-Monday. You'll receive the box about a week before your start date, and send the box back within a few days of the sale ending, giving you a total of about three weeks with the materials. Keeping it to this timeframe helps you concentrate your full effort on those days rather than spreading it out thin over a long period of time. 


My school is requesting nonprofit documentation and / or an invoice. Where can we get that paperwork?


Below you can find our W-9 form and our nonprofit registration letter. If your school needs anything else before you can begin, please feel free to let us know via email at


We're also more than happy to provide an invoice once your pulsera sale has ended -- just let us know! 

We're more than happy to provide whatever you need!





Can we sell the pulseras for less than $5 ?


Pulseras cannot be sold for any amount under $5. This price allows us to compensate the artists for their amazing Fair Trade artwork while leaving plenty of money for the many programs and groups that we support in Central America.


We truly believe that $5 for a one-of-a-kind work of art is an amazing deal, and we've seen that schools of every type of economic background have had success selling....we're sure you will too!


How long does it take to receive a box of pulseras?


In general, the more notice we have the better! When you sign up, sale blocks will be open until 10 days before the sale. This gives us enough time to prepare and ship your box so it arrives in plenty of time before your pulsera event.

An essential component of your pulsera sale will be promoting the sale and making sure everything is set up ahead of time, so we try to make sure you receive your box a week before the sale begins.  


We can promise that the more time you spend planning your sale and the further you plan ahead, the more fun you'll have and the more successful it will be!


Can I lead a more than one pulsera sale in a school year?


We ask school to only lead one pulsera sale per school year. This helps us make sure that other groups have the opportunity to be involved, and it also makes sure that your pulsera sales will remain successful in the long run! Schools that wait a year or longer between their pulsera sales end up having continued success, and doing it once a year means that you can put 100% of your energy and enthusiasm into that sale.



My class is interested in going to Central America. Is this something you offer?


Unfortunately, this is not something we're able to offer at this point. We are still a very small organization and just don't have the human resources to plan trips like this. We do lead one trip each summer for teachers who have been involved in the project at their schools and want to explore the Central America side of the Pulsera Project's work. These trips are usually a week long towards the end of July. 



I live in Canada/Europe ..... can I be involved with the Pulsera Project?


It breaks our heart to say that currently pulsera sales can only be led within the U.S. We would LOVE for you to be involved, but the customs fees and taxes required to send pulseras out of the country are extremely high and make sales outside of the U.S. impossible for the time being.



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