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We're thrilled that you've decided to bring a pulsera sale to life at your school! Now it's time to promote your pulsera event and let the whole school know about it.


Over the years we've seen that students & teachers who take the extra time to craft a solid marketing plan will have infinitely more fun and success with their pulsera sales. Here are some of our favorite ideas:


Have a pre-sale in the week before your sale to build hype & anticipation in the school, selling only to club or class members first. In tandem with your pre-sale, download our "overview" letter and share it with your community so they know what they’ll be supporting! Post pictures of the pulseras along with sale details on your Instagram, Snap, TikTok, and other accounts. 


Show our “Color the World” video to as many people in your school as possible! It’s the best way for people to know what you’re selling and why. The morning announcements can work great for this. Just ask! If that video is too long, we have a shorter 4 minute "What is the Pulsera Project?" video available, as well as a 60 second version.


Download our Pulsera Sale Flyers and use them to color your campus or school hallways. There are blank spaces to write in the date & time of your sale. Black & White versions are also available if you want to color in your own designs. 


Use our interactive sales tracking spreadsheet to make a goal, track its progress, and see what your efforts are funding! 


Offer that students can buy "pulsera-grams" to send pulseras to their friends & sweethearts during homeroom or another class period. 


Students always have success posting pulsera pictures & sale details on Instagram, Insta/Snap stories, and TikTok leading up to & during the sale. Feel free to use any photo from our website and tag @pulseraproject or use #pulseraproject. We love seeing pulsera sales in action and would be happy to feature your pics on our social media pages.



Use our customized press release to get some local press! Whether it’s your school newsletter or the town paper, people always love an empowering story, and you'll bring a lot of community attention to your pulsera sale this way.


Rally other groups in your school who may be interested in helping with the pulsera sale! Whether it's a service club, honor society, business group like FBLA, or just another class, pulsera sales really succeed when the whole school joins in.



Calendarize your sale! We have a sample calendar you can use as reference, a blank version you can print out, and a Canva template if you want to get fancy with it.

Screen Shot 2024-03-28 at 12.54.04 PM.png


Additional Resources: We also have a range of other resources you may find helpful. Download our pulsera sign-out sheet for students wanting to take some pulseras home to sell to family & friends. Print out extra info sheets if you're running low. Use our Avery sticker template (Avery 22830) for some extra flair to hand out, and check out our video library for more content you can share with your school community. 

Screen Shot 2024-03-28 at 11.16.30 AM.png


Once you've wrapped things up, use our Canva templates to share the success of your pulsera sale with your school.



Most importantly, use your imagination. The Pulsera Project is so much fun because no two pulsera events are alike, and you can bring your own unique vision to life! We’ve seen clever videos, slideshows, skits, cryptic posters, and much more, so unleash your creativity and let us know what new ideas you come up with.

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