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Introduce your students to the Pulsera Project’s mission with this super engaging escape room activity! Students will learn about Central America, the project’s main components, and touch on key language standards as they try to get an order of pulseras released from Customs within 40 minutes. Teachers are invited to buy their own supplies or request a kit to be shipped with their pulsera box. The escape room activity is adaptable to both English & Spanish. 

Special thanks to Spanish teacher Hannah Joseph for creating this exciting new unit!

Video Overview

Materials Needed 

Below is a document with descriptions & links for all of the supplies needed to lead the Pulsera Project's escape room activity. While all of the Pulsera Project's educational materials are offered free of charge, the materials for this activity come out to around $45 if you choose to purchase all of them.


We have a pre-made Amazon shopping list put together for those interested in streamlining the process -- please note this shopping list does not include some of the optional items at the end of the materials list, but will still allow you to lead the full escape room activity from start to finish! 

We do have a few full escape room supply kits on-hand and would be happy to send one free-of-charge along with your pulsera box. Just use the sign-up link below. 

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