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We buy handwoven pulseras from over 200 artists in Central America, employing them in jobs with well-paying Fair Trade wages, and providing a market for their products in the United States. 


After reading our Pulsera Sale Guide, you'll work with your class or club to plan a 1-2 week pulsera school sale that will support these artists while your classmates learn about Fair Trade and social issues in Latin America.


You'll lead your pulsera sale, sharing the art & stories of the Pulsera Project with your school. We'll send you everything you need---a few hundred pulseras, a trifold photo display, price sheets, and informational materials. Let your imagination go wild coming up with the best way to make The Pulsera Project work in your school. All pulseras sell for $5, an amazing deal for a one-of-a-kind, wearable work of art from another country! 

example sale


You'll send us back what you don't sell. There is no obligation to sell a certain number of pulseras, so whatever is left at the end of your sale can be returned with the pre-paid return address label that we'll include in your box. It really couldn't be easier!


Proceeds are returned to the Pulsera Project. In addition to sustaining jobs for more than 200 Central American artists, the proceeds from your pulsera sale will support educational programs, scholarships, workers' rights, community development, housing, and a wide range of other projects that empower artists, their families, and their communities. 

Ready to bring a pulsera sale to life in your school? Please take some time to read our "Get Involved" page, and then the "Pulsera Sale Guide," which explains in-depth every aspect of being involved with the Pulsera Project. At the end of the guide there is a short form you can fill out with the details of your pulsera sale.

Our 4-minute-long "What is The Pulsera Project" video is a great introduction to what we do and who we support.

Watch this short video for a full explanation of how to sign up and bring a pulsera sale to life in your school. 

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