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The Pulsera Project is a nonprofit organization that offers a free service-learning project and free educational materials to Spanish teachers and Spanish clubs across the U.S. We partner with schools to sell handwoven "pulseras" made by artisans in Central America. Students learn about life in Latin America while raising funds that support employment, education, and other social impact programs for the artists and their communities. Getting your Spanish Class involved with the Pulsera Project is 100% free and there is no requirement to sell any certain number of pulseras. 

We Send Everything You Need

We provide everything you need to bring this unique Spanish class activity to life, including a vibrant trifold photo display, informational and educational materials, videos, customizable posters, and enough pulseras (400-600) for your entire school!


No money is ever required to lead a pulsera sale, and any unsold bracelets can simply be sent back to us at the end of your sale with the pre-paid UPS label that we'll send you.  

Works of Art

Each pulsera is a one-of-a-kind work of art and comes tagged with the photo & signature of the artist who made it, making it super easy for students to feel a connection to the people they're supporting. And the best part is that they each cost only $5!

Big Impact Abroad & At Home

The funds raised from your Spanish class's pulsera sale benefit countless Central Americans, raising money for scholarships, secondary education programs, healthcare, human rights issues, environmental projects, and social enterprises, in addition to providing employment for artisans in  Guatemala and Nicaragua. 


On top of the impact abroad, pulsera sales change the lives of students in the U.S. as well, educating them about life in Central America while cultivating student leadership and awareness of global social issues, all within your Spanish classroom.

Join the Color Revolution
Over 3,600 schools in all 50 states have colored their classrooms and hallways with pulseras and the stories behind them, each one made in Central America by fair trade cooperatives, artisan families, and independent artisans in Nicaragua & Guatemala.
Click here to read directly from Spanish teachers how the Pulsera Project has affected their students, and watch the video to the right to see how four different teachers used the Pulsera Project in their classrooms. 
Free Educational Materials

We also offer free, authentic educational materials for Spanish classes and Spanish clubs, focusing on the artists and communities we work with. Students learn directly from the artists they’re empowering about poverty, fair trade, and life & culture in Central America.


Our videos, autobiographies, and many other activities provide rich insight in the target language while providing meaningful context for the impact of your school's pulsera sale.

Pulsera Project co-founders in the U.S. are also available to video chat with your class about The Pulsera Project's work in Central America. 

Ready to Get Started?
Signing up your Spanish class for a pulsera sale only takes a few minutes! All you need to do is read our "Pulsera Sale Guide" and fill out the brief form located at the end of the guide. Once we have that info, we'll email you back to confirm that you're ready to begin! You can also contact us at or 484-319-7040 if you have any questions or comments. 

Our 4-minute-long "What is The Pulsera Project" video is a great introduction to what we do and who we support.

Watch this short video for a full explanation of how to sign up and bring a pulsera sale to life in your school. 

A Pulsera Sale in action! We provide everything you need for the pulsera sale--hundreds of bracelets, a large photo display, and free educational materials to use in the classroom. We even provide a pre-paid label to send everything back to us after the sale ends!

As part of our free educational materials, students can read brief interviews with many of the artists who make all of the pulseras. This is just one of MANY activities that connect students to the people they are supporting through pulsera sales.

Some examples of the beautiful pulseras we'll send to your school. Each one is completely unique, and comes tagged with the photo and signature of the artist who made it. Students and teachers love looking through a table full of pulseras to find the perfect one!

You can find The Pulsera Project's full terms & conditions here.

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