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The Pulsera Project is excited to offer video calls with our Social Impact Director & Artisan Coordinator, Jorge Morales and two of the project’s co-founders, Chris and Colin.


Jorge, Chris, and Colin have a combined decades' worth of experience working for the project and can talk about a range of topics ranging from the communities we work in to our philosophy and evolving mission.


Any school that has already signed up for a sale is welcome to book a conversation with their class. Calls are scheduled in 10-40 minute intervals. Contact us at with questions or requests, or simply indicate them in the form when you sign up.

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What to Expect

Jorge is familiar with almost every aspect of The Pulsera Project, grew up in Nicaragua, and has traveled extensively throughout Guatemala for his work with the project. Though he now lives in Canada, he still spends much of the year in Central America working with project partners and developing new programs.


Jorge can talk about a lot of topics, but here are a few ideas:

- Nicaraguan daily life

- The Pulsera Project’s partners

- How the Project works in Central America

- Nicaraguan culture, art, and cuisine

- Guatemalan art, culture, and cuisine

- How the artisan program works

- How we find organizations to partner with

- The Pulsera Project’s values

- Mistakes that development organizations make

- Fair trade

- The importance of humility in development work

- New ways to understand poverty

Chris and Colin are happy to discuss anything from the impact of pulsera sales to the history of the project, our educational philosophy, and how we’ve evolved since 2009.



Does this have to be a focused presentation, or can it be more casual?


You can structure it however you’d like, but we recommend having your students prepare questions in advance if you want to go with the Q & A option. We’re happy to do whatever you works best for you and your students!


What age students is this best for?


Any! Jorge, Chris, and Colin are happy to answer simple questions for elementary Spanish learners, discuss the principles of fair trade with AP students, and everyone in between.


Can he talk at other times not listed on the booking site?


Yes - please reach out to us at and we will set up an alternate time


Is this just for Spanish classes?


No, we’re happy to coordinate calls with any class or club involved in the project or pulsera sales.


Can we talk to Jorge, Chris, and Colin even though we haven’t hosted a sale?


All schools must sign up for a sale before they can schedule a talk – you’re more than welcome to have Jorge talk to your students right before your sale, and we actually recommend that! Alternatively, it can be a great way to cap off your pulsera event.


I want to have a presentation about a specific topic. What can I do?


If you’d like a custom presentation, please let us know! We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to do it depending on time and other restrictions, but your feedback will help us improve the program as we move forward and we welcome input!

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