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Here is a simple set of instructions for sending back the pulsera box back once your sale has ended. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us and we'd be happy to answer them. Thanks!


Count the remaining pulseras and organize them into their color-coded burlap bags. Thick, soft, woven pulseras go in the pink-tagged bags, and everything else goes in the blue-tagged ones. See photo at the bottom of this page for clarification. 


Fill out the enclosure sheet that was included in the colorful folder. Please send the enclosure sheet back in the folder with the rest of the materials. If your school needs it for their records, please make a copy and send us the original. 


Take out the return label from the folder and then pack up the box with the tri-fold photo display, pulseras & bags, laminated overview poster, and the folder. Please don't fold/roll the laminated poster. Also please do not send sale proceeds in the box.


Tape up the box. We try to be environmentally friendly by reusing boxes as many times as possible, so if you could use clear packing tape we would really appreciate it. Then just stick the return address label over the original label.


Drop off the box at any UPS location. Note that UPS drop-boxes cannot accept pulsera boxes due to their size. Many schools receive UPS deliveries daily, and UPS may be able to pick your box up from the front office. 

Sale Proceeds:

Your pulsera proceeds should be sent separately from your pulsera box. Personal checks, school checks, and money orders are all okay with us-- really whatever works best for you, as long as it's not cash. Checks can simply be made out to "The Pulsera Project" and sent via normal mail to:

The Pulsera Project

449 Fleming Road

Suite C

Charleston, SC 29412

Some schools need copies of our W9 or 501(c)3 form. Those can be downloaded below.

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