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Welcome to the Pulsera Project's free Spanish materials! All of our content is based on the Pulsera Project’s four educational pillars. For teachers looking to get started or thinking of using our materials for several days, check out the "Perfect Pulsera Week" at the top of the page.

For quick access to all of the videos that we offer, you can also check out our videos page to see them in a gallery view.


We've recently added an "Escape Room" Activity to our materials -- teachers can request their own lock kit to be sent with their box of pulseras.


Click here to join our Facebook group for teachers who want to share ideas, tips, pictures, and suggestions with one another about their pulsera sales. 

Teachers are welcome to submit proposals for new lessons by clicking here. Compensation is available for any teachers submitting materials accepted by the project’s Educational Committee. Questions about submitting a lesson? Contact Chris at

All materials Copyright 2020 The Pulsera Project. 

Spanish Materials Guide

Note: Most of the educational materials on this page are published as Google Docs. If you'd like to edit them, just go to

File -> Make a Copy, and then add it to your Google account. From there you'll be able to edit your copy. 

Perfect Pulsera Week

Los Artistas del Proyecto Pulsera

Pulsera Escape Room

Immigration: A View From Guatemala

Indigenous Identity in Guatemala

Haciendo Pulseras Activity


Aid vs. Development Activity

From Overconsumption to Simple Living

La Isla Foundation Video

Advanced Immigration PBL: Issues & Perspectives

Social Justice & Jobs Discussion


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