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"Thank you all so much for making it so easy to hold a pulsera sale! My kids love them and are already asking me when we're going to sell them again! It's not often that we see that kind of excitement among our students--especially in regards to something foreign. Our rural community is not always the most 'global-minded' place, so to be able to teach them about Nicaragua and to have them truly LEARN something about the world is a wonderful thing. I really think my kids got more out of this experience than they put into it. So thanks again! Keep on coloring the world!"


-Whitney, Spencer County High School

"I cannot tell you how much of a positive impact this project had on our students.  So many of them were captivated by the idea that they were helping people in another country simply by buying a bracelet that they already thought was so beautiful.  It was such a win-win.  For my part, seeing the dawning awareness of my students of the needs of others, and their willingness to help, was very gratifying.  We hope to participate again next year. Wishing you continued success!"


-Jeri, Jersey Shore High School

"As usual, it has been an absolute pleasure sharing the work that you do with my Spanish students and the wider Colchester school community. The project beautifully brings together so many topics that I'm passionate about in a way that is approachable for students. The discussions that we've had this week about privilege, poverty, the environment, and happiness have been very encouraging. This type of project is the reason I became a Spanish teacher!”


-Meghan, Colchester Middle

"The students, teachers and staff LOVED them and the story of the pulseras as well. It was great to have the video to show the students the impact they are making by purchasing a pulsera and the tags on them created such a personal connection from our students to the young adults who made them.  The kids are already asking for more!! We would love to continue helping you guys with this great cause."


-Maria, Morris Plains Borough School

"Thanks again for such a great opportunity to work with you guys! It really helped expand the horizons of my seniors and made them realize they could make a difference in some way. Our school is hoping to make this a yearly event now!"


-Lauren, Mt. Hebron High School

"I just want to thank you guys again, this project is AMAZING and we feel so honored to be able to help! We had SOOO much fun looking through all of the bracelets, and of course buying them (I bought 7... and still haven't taken them off!) So again keep up the good work, what you all are doing is phenomenal and very promising!"


-Jamie, Washington High School

"Un millón de gracias =) I can't tell you how powerful this experience has been for both our students and our staff. We are looking forward to a lifelong partnership with the Pulsera Project!"


- Kristen, Commack Middle School, New York

"I just wanted to say thank you for all that you guys are doing. I was just walking down the hall during my conference period and I passed 3 different freshmen boys that all stopped to show me the pulseras they just bought! That is just awesome!! They were so excited and they were even talking about buying another one tomorrow. We are a rural school district and we have many students here that struggle to spare $5, so to see them excited about helping create a better world for someone else makes me so extremely happy! Your materials and the videos are helping to give them a glimpse of what life is like in Nicaragua and how they can be a part of a solution and that makes me very grateful. Feeling very proud of my students."


- Kristen, Beaverton Jr. Sr. HS, Michigan

"We had sooooooo much fun with this project!  It was exciting to see the entire school community's enthusiasm for what you guys are doing. I think it did our communal soul good to participate in a small way. Everybody learned a lot about fair trade, and gained a broadened appreciation of the struggle of those living in abject poverty around the world. So many people have asked me when we will do it again!  (I'm thinking we will, next  year). My daughters are excited to bring the project to their school, and I have a friend in another district who is thinking about it as's so contagious!"


-Paula, South Hadley High School

"I have to tell you having the project here was really awesome, it changed some perspectives in my school about helping, solidarity, actions we can take to help others, but most importantly about our Latin American population who are the reason of my every day work. Especially at this rough times were differences are not well taken, a project like this is more than necessary. It was a great experience and I want to thank all of you behind this kind of initiatives, they are really inspiring for many of us."

-Monica, North Johnston Middle, North Carolina

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