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Using our educational materials with your Socrative app is easy! First, you'll need to make a free account on Then on the Socrative home page, just click “manage quizzes” and then select “import quiz.”  


Enter the quiz number for the lesson you want, and the activity will automatically be added to your quizzes! From there the quiz can be shared with your students via the Socrative student app.

Quiz numbers for pulsera activities are as follows:

Poverty and Solutions Activity: SOC-3480810

Day in the Life English Activity: SOC-9602271

Day in the Life Spanish Activity: SOC-3533739

Asi Soy Activity: SOC-3385329

Donde esta la Pulsera Activity: SOC-3385537

Yelman English Activity: SOC-9566552

Horario Escolar Activity: SOC-9595210


For more a more in-depth look at how Socrative works in the classroom, please see their complete user guide at


If you have any other questions about getting Socrative set up with our materials, feel free to email us at



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