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Student community service clubs in 50 states and more than 3,600 schools have made the non-profit Pulsera Project one of the country’s most popular in-school international service projects.
We partner with clubs like Interact, Leo, Key, APO, Amnesty International, student councils, Rotaract Clubs, and countless others to put student leaders front and center of their school communities - advancing the causes of international aid, development and fair trade – all while helping educate and empower people abroad.

We send you and your club hundreds of amazing, super-colorful, hand-woven bracelets ("pulseras" in Spanish), along with a large photo display, and materials explaining the project. Being involved is 100% free, and anything you don't sell can simply be sent back to us at the end of your sale with the pre-paid shipping label that we'll include in your box.

All of the bracelets come tagged with the photos and names of the artists who made them -- the same people who benefit from Pulsera Project scholarships, jobs, and community programs in Central America. If you ever wondered how you could change the world and make a difference, the Pulsera Project gives you that chance right in your own school.

Scores of student groups have made The Pulsera project an annual event in their schools because pulsera sales enliven hallways and classrooms with beauty, art, and awareness about important social justice issues. The project brings a super positive vibe along with its mission of social change.

If you’d like to learn more, check out the “Get Involved” page or watch the our “Color The World” video, which introduces the project and the colorful  people and ideas behind it. We hope you’ll join us in coloring the world!!

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