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"Pulsera" is the Spanish word for bracelet.

Pulsera Project bracelets are made by many groups of artisans in Nicaragua--along with two cooperatives in Guatemala & Uganda--and each one is tagged with the picture & signature of the artist who made it.


Every pulsera purchase helps sustains fair trade jobs for about 200 artists, providing an uplifting and much-needed alternative to the poor working conditions that many Central Americans face in the absence of other opportunities.


On top of that, the proceeds from pulsera sales in the U.S. are returned to Nicaragua to fund many different programs that empower the artsits, their communties, and other groups working to enact lasting social change.

Pulseras are one-of-a-kind, wearable works of art that enrich our own lives just as much as their purchase colors the lives of people in Nicaragua. They represent in many ways the idea that despite economic or social differences, we are all equals, and we all have many things to share on our collective journey toward making the world a more equal & colorful place.


See how you can get involved by selling pulseras in your school, and head over to this link if you're interested in buying a few. Thanks!

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