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Pulsera Proceeds Payment Options

We offer the following as options for sending the funds raised during your pulsera sale. If none of these work for you or your school, please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate an alternate method. 

1.) Check or Money Order

A check or money order is our preferred method of receiving proceeds if possible. Checks can be made out to "The Pulsera Project" and sent to us at:


The Pulsera Project

449 Fleming Road

Suite C

Charleston, SC 29412

Checks can be personal checks, or from the school / district -- whatever is most convenient for you. Please include your school name in the memo line.

2.) Venmo

Proceeds can be sent by Venmo to @pulseraproject -- if using this method please make sure your school name is in the memo line. If Venmo asks for the last four digits of the Pulsera Project phone number, that is 7040.

3.) PayPal

You can also use PayPal as a method to send the proceeds, using as the recipient. Please make sure your school name is in the memo/notes section.

4.) ACH Transfer

If your school would prefer to send payment by ACH transfer, please send an email to and we'll be happy to provide you with the necessary details.

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