We know that there remains much uncertainty about the upcoming school year in light of the ongoing situation with COVID-19, and we understand it may be tough for many schools to implement a pulsera sale this year. We've been working to adapt our service-learning program to ensure that interested schools can continue their involvement with The Pulsera Project in the safest way possible. 

In addition to continuing to provide free distance-learning activities for your curriculum, the Pulsera Project remains eager to partner with schools to host safe, socially-distanced school sales in the 2020-2021 academic year. We plan to work closely with teachers and administrators to craft pulsera events that are in line with their specific district & state policies, and as a start we’re taking the following steps to make pulsera sales more feasible in the near future:


Safe Practices - in accordance with CDC recommendations, pulseras will not be handled prior to shipment - boxes will be pre-packaged, and Pulsera staff will wear appropriate PPE when sending boxes. 


Cashless Sales -- For the time being, The Pulsera Project will accept digital payments through Venmo at all pulsera school sales in addition to cash. Students will still pay $5 per pulsera and when a sale leader has seen a student's payment verification screen, that student will then receive their pulsera(s). Venmo payments can be sent to @pulseraproject, and the memo line must list the only the name of the school.


For example, a student purchasing three pulseras would send $15 to @pulseraproject with "Smith High School" as the memo. The student would only leave with their pulseras after the payment receipt has been seen by the sale leader. Sale leaders should keep a record of these Venmo sales so they can properly estimate the total raised from their sale between those payments and cash payments. 


Pulsera "Classroom Packs" --  For teachers who don't want to worry about a whole pulsera sale kit, for 2020-2021, we'll offer new pulsera "classroom packs" that will work differently from a normal sale. Instead of us sending pulseras upfront and you sending money at the end of the sale, teachers will have the option to pre-purchase pulseras for their club, class, grade, etc. At this point teachers can sell pulseras directly to the students who have expressed interest in them and will not have to worry about the sale timeline or about sending excess materials or money back to us. Any money collected on your end would be kept as a reimbursement for your purchase of the classroom pack. Classroom packs can be purchased here.


Extended Sales -- For 2020-2021 we'll be extending the timeframe for all pulsera sales. Rather than the normal two-week period, we're extending this to a default four-week sale period for all schools that want to lead pulsera sales. Schools still of course have the option to do a normal 1-2 week sale, but we hope this default extension will give you some breathing room in adapting a pulsera sale to the new reality. 

New Display Methods -- For 2020 we'll be sending an extra display board that you can pin pulseras to. We think this will be a great way for students to be able to look at pulseras from afar and select which one they want without touching a bunch of bracelets on the table. The numbered poster board will come with a pre-drawn grid on it and a corresponding cell # drawn in each block, so for example a student could be looking from six feet away and say "I'd like pulsera #7."



Flexible sales - in addition to ‘traditional’ school pulsera sales, the Pulsera Project is open to working with students and student groups outside of school communities, as long as there’s an adult willing to supervise the sale. Sales could be part of a school group, or independently led by students looking to engage in community service outside of the classroom. Feel free to email us and we'd be happy to help you setting something like this up!