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Join us – and students in more than 900 Schools in coloring the world with art and social justice through the Pulsera Project! The project is amazingly popular because it combines international service, cultural awareness, fair-trade, and truly beautiful art – all in a cause that benefits young artists and their Nicaraguan communities.

It is absolutely free to receive a box in the mail filled with colorful hand-woven bracelets - along with a vibrant photo display, a Nicaraguan flag, and short films that explain how the Pulsera Project began as a family vacation three years ago, and quickly blossomed into a volunteer-led, grassroots movement for change in schools across the entire U.S.

We work together with pulsera makers in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Uganda to change hearts, minds, and countless lives – both in the US and abroad. Pulsera sales sustain fair-trade jobs for over 100 artists, and the funds raised from each pulsera sale are used to create opportunity for Nicaraguans through education, micro-loans, shelter support, workers' rights initiatives, and many other programs throughout Nicaragua.

But what makes the Pulsera Project so unusual is that it is an effective service project masquerading as an explosion of color and uplifting art – one that can easily go viral and color every hallway, classroom, and corner of a school! It’s easy to feel a connection to the young artists too, since their pictures and signatures come tagged on each of their pulseras.

Project leaders from many schools have traveled with us to Nicaragua to see Pulsera Project programs first-hand – on two annual trips – one in December and one in July. The trips are life changing experiences for many who go!

If you are a student or teacher who is ready to engage your passion for service in a colorful and worthwhile cause, we invite you to look over our website, check out the Pulsera Project Sales Guide, then let us know when you are not only ready, but truly excited, to join us in coloring the world!!

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